Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Chickens are Here!

Well, I decided I better go get the baby chicks from Farm Chick today. She's leaving Tuesday to go out of town for the week and leaving Secret Agent Man in charge of the coop. Now her chicks are old enough that they don't need butt checks. Mine are still young and can get their butt's clogged with poop and this has to be checked often but I'm hoping they will outgrow this by tomorrow...cause I don't even like doing butt checks on my own kids.
Anyhoo...even though I love to irritate Secret Agent Man, I figure he'd been through enough hell so I went to get them this afternoon. They are adorable. I've never been around chickens before...let alone picked one up.
We brought them home and had one little casualty with the blue heeler and one of the silver Cochins...I didn't think Tuff had it in him anymore to chase anything. We now know not to let him near the gate.
The kids had a great time as Ella has been practicing "feeding" the chickens all week long.
If I counted correctly, I have 14 hens and 3 roosters (which I didn't order but they threw in for free...gee thanks!)
We'll see what the count is by the end of the week.
I have to give a big shout out to Farm Chick for the chicken butt cleaning for TWO WHOLE, that's a true girlfriend!
And a big shout out to my hubby for building the coop and getting all the supplies, while never once rolling his eyes or saying "Why in the hell do you want chickens?"


Big Pissy said...


Chickens? lol

Dejoni said...

Yes...I am now Miss Poultry 2008

Big Pissy said...

...and I'm sure you have the tiara and sash to go along with the title. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could give up our real jobs and start a poultry farm....bwahahaha. And, don't even think about coming over and taking "The Bisquit". It would cause Toots to have an "episode". He has been alseep in the stroller already.