Sunday, July 13, 2008


What are you contemplating? What is running through your mind as I snap this picture?
Are you thinking of how you can talk me into bidding on those toys you want on Ebay? Or are you anxiously awaiting Matt to arrive at the cookout?
Maybe your just daydreaming of what you'll be when you grow up?
Hopefully you'll outgrow the dream of working at McDonald's.
Maybe you're just singing a song in your head and being happy.
That's all I really want you to be is happy.


Anonymous said...


Big Pissy said... sweet!

p.s. when my oldest daughter was a little girl she used to say she wanted to grow up to be Strawberry Shortcake.

Instead, she's a kindergarten teacher. ;-)

azn8tive said...

What an adorable picture! She's gonna break some hearts one day.