Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rico Sauve...The Donut King

Rico has decided on a career change as well. He has decided to give up his present career and pursue my love for donuts. He knows I love Krispy Kremes and would probably sell my kids into slave labor for a couple of dozen (OK...maybe a couple hundred dozen...I'm not that bad of a mother.)
It was a toss up between Big Pimp Daddy (since he just got the Caddy) or the Donut King....seeing as I have big thighs...I could fit in either way. So, Donut King it is...place your orders early...we're running out quick!


Brittany said...

At what point are we at in our lives that a man in a donut hat is, like, the sexiest thing ever!?

It's not a bad thing...right?

Dejoni said...

So, is it the hat or the smell of donuts that does it for you?

Big Pissy said...


Krispy Kreme.....I remember it well.....