Monday, July 21, 2008

Fabulous...Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It!

Patience people...patience! Sit back get your nails did and have a cocktail.
Very soon my new website will be up and runnin' like a cow with the scours. I am SO excited.
I have really enjoyed blogging. It doesn't matter if 1000 people read my blog or it's just me and my peeps...I have had so much fun and gotten to know so many cool people. There's also something very freeing about being able to have your say...and that it has the potential to be heard all over the world. And ya'll know me...I think everybody should hear my opinion and experience my witty personality.
I looked for several weeks for someone to design my new blog. I emailed lots of people who blog...some responded...some didn't. But no one could really point me in the direction to start. I needed some guidance...cause I am pretty computer illiterate.
By luck, I found Lara at Blog What? Designs. We've never met. But if we ever do, I will give her a big ole hug and a fifth of Kentucky bourbon. She has been wonderful.
She started with my current website to get a feel of who I am and what I like...and off she went. She guided me in the direction I needed to go while letting me be creative, letting my inner country glamour queen shine through. She didn't laugh at me too much...except maybe when she told me she had put an RSS subscription feed on my site...and I was all like "That's wonderful...great...Hey, Lara...What is RSS?"
Or when we were doing my little character on the front of the blog and I said we needed to adjust her boobs because she was a little nippy, if you know what I mean...and I never go without a bra.
She taught me the ins and outs of my new blog page while not making me feel stupid.
So, for any of my blogger buddies looking to update or redo your site...check out Lara at Blog What? Designs.
Thank you Lara for all your help!

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