Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The first tubal ligation was performed back in 1881. As I can imagine, it came about from a situation like this...a woman, hard working on the farm...tending to her heathen kids, the chickens, the chores. It was July, it was HOT. The kids were whining...the mom was bitchy. The dad was just staying out of the way cause he was outnumbered.
But then he got a little brave and got amorous...and that's when she said..."Don't you ever come near me again unless you promise me I will never, ever get pregnant...these kids are gonna be the death of me yet...they have drove me nuts all day long...if you think you're gonna knock me up again, you've gotta another thing coming mister...so unless you come up with some kind of miracle fix...you best be sleeping in the guest room."
That, my friends, is how it all came about...a mom's need for sanity and a dad's desperation!

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