Sunday, July 13, 2008

A True Friend

How do you measure a true friend? When she will color your hair and do your nails when she's 4 cm dilated with her second child. I told her my voodoo doll of her had duct tape over her woo-hoo and that baby wouldn't come out until my roots were done.
I took the duct tape can have the baby now!


Brittany said...

HAHA! Poor girl! Well, I think the important thing here is your hair looks hot, and you aren't covered in amniotic fluid.

ginger said...

Now that is a friend!

After this baby is born, I need you to tell me all about the "wonders" of coloring. I want me some blonde hair! I have brown hair now but (shockers!!) I'm getting gray hair in! Can't have that. Will you give me your secrets? How often will I have to go so I don't get the classy reverse-skunk-tail root line down the middle of my head? How much is this going to cost? Is it going to burn or smell bad? Will I ever be able to swim underwater again? Do tell!!

Dejoni said...

It depends on how blonde you want to go. The most important thing is to find a good colorist so you don't end up looking like one of those girls that work at the know...the carnies.
First question? We're you blonde as a child? If you we're, it's easier to pull it off as an adult.
I go every four weeks...#1 to socialize and #2 cause I hate the skunk line. Doesn't burn or smell.
I do swim...but I hate getting my hair wet. Takes too long to blow out straight. The blonde will dry out your hair so you will become a slave to condioner. I recommend Fredric can pick up at Sephora.
Blondes do have more fun...whether from genetics or from a bottle!