Monday, May 12, 2008

Farm Chick's Fabulous Ski Cake

My friend Farm Chick and I both share a love of cooking and EATING. This weekend, we got together for some good gossiping, good cocktails, and good cooking.

For those of you who are not locals, SKI is our holy grail. The nectar of the redneck Gods. A local soft drink that has been "bottled" in our community for years until recently. There's no way to describe a SKI other than it's like a Mountain Dew on crack. Who knows how much caffeine and sugar it has. It is the most wonderful soft drink on the planet. I don't understand why Coca-Cola Corporation hasn't taken it global.

Farm Chick makes cake out of it. Cake and SKI. Two of the most perfect concoctions joined together.....Hallelujah!

Because I am a generous person who thinks everyone should have their cake and eat it too....I'm sharing Farm Chick's recipe. You will thank me again and again. It's the perfect recipe for get togethers. Always turns out perfect and moist...everyone will be envious of your culinary skills.


Farm Chick's Fabulous Ski Cake

1 lemon pudding cake mix

1 small package lemon instant pudding mix

1 can SKI (Mountain Dew or any citrus type soft drink)

3 eggs

3/4 cup oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In bowl, mix cake and pudding mix. Incorporate eggs and oil. Slowly add SKI until mixed thouroughly.

Pour batter into greased Bundt pan.

Retain small amount of batter in bowl to eat yourself. YUMMY!

Bake 30 minutes. Let cool slightly and place cake on beautiful cake stand.

A southern momma always has her cake on a pretty cake stand!

Mix 2 Tbsp of SKI with 1 cup of powdered sugar. Drizzle over warm cake.

Also, while waiting for your cake to bake...enjoy a MO"SKI"TO.

1 part vodka

2 parts SKI

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