Thursday, May 15, 2008

Potty Head not to be confused with Potty Mouth

Ella is potty training! Yippee! You think I'm excited? NO.

Yes, diapers are expensive...and nasty...especially the poopy ones. But you know what? They're EASY. Yes, I am a lazy mom.

Before potty training, car trips are a breeze. No stopping at the interstate truck stop and trying to get your toddler not to touch ANYTHING. There are no guaranteed trips to every restaurant bathroom BEFORE you can place your order just to see what they look like. I have the nosiest kids in America. They HAVE to check out the potty everywhere. They should start a Zagat system for bathrooms....

Ella is potty training herself...I have nothing to do with it. If it was up to me, she would wear diapers until she could change herself.

Every five minutes she says..."PEE....PEE"...we go to the potty....sometimes she tinkles....sometimes she just wants to play with the toilet paper. Over an over and over and over.

I need a vacation.

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