Thursday, May 15, 2008

Motherhood...Trials and Tribulations

I know at times I was awful to my mother. She tells me about it all the time. I even got the dreaded mother curse...."You just wait 'til you have kids." My response ..."I ain't having no kids." Boy, did I eat those words.

The mother curse works. I know cause my mom did it to me....and I'm doing it to my kids. I've already started chanting...."Your kids will drive you will never go to the bathroom by yourself again....They will wear your good high heels outside to play in the mud....they will eat all the Twinkies."

I'm chanting and I'm doing my voodoo. What comes around goes around.

I can't wait to see my girls become mothers....hopefully MANY, MANY years from now. First, because they will finally be out of my house (hopefully). Second, I hope that they become better mothers than I have been.

My mom made it look so easy. She was always patient and only lost her cool once that I can remember. I kept begging to go to the library (of all places) and she said not today. I kept on and on and on....then she did something I had never seen her do. She floored the pedal of that sea foam green Lincoln Continental. I would expect this from my dad...but MOM? She was pissed. I got hysterical and acted like I had whiplash. I believed I yelled out something dramatic like "Your gonna kill me driving like that...all I wanted to do was get a don't love me." And you know what happened next? Even though I had acted like a little shit and deserved mom losing her cool and busting my butt (which she didn't)....she apologized to me. WOW. I felt horrible.....maybe she knew the reverse psychology would work? No. My mom is just a good, decent, loving person who loves her kids unconditionally. I call her "Saint Wanda" to my friends....cause that's the way I think of her. She is genuine and good in a world where there's not much of that anymore...I hope my girls get alot of Nana's traits.
I wish I could be like Nana more often. I fail miserably. Life is so hectic and crazy that sometimes I don't give my kids all they need like my mom.

Maybe someday they'll appreciate the fact that I tried really hard to be a good the mother I have....even when I don't make the grade.

If not, I'll just feed their kids too much sugar and caffeine..let them draw on my walls with chalk....jump on the bed and send them home bouncing off the Nana does my girls...Maybe they'll think I did a pretty good job after all.

We love you Nana! Happy Belated Mother's Day!
Your #1 Daughter

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Mom said...

God has blessed me more than I deserve with a daughter that I love more than life and has given me 2 beautiful granddaughters to also love and cherish