Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Momma's on Vacation

You see this beach? This is where I will be tomorrow afternoon. You know what's even better than being on the beach? Being on the beach without the kids! That's right...momma's on vacation.
Starting in the morning until Sunday night, I will no longer be changing diapers, wiping snotty noses, cutting anyone's meat, playing referee between sisters, or waking up at the crack ass of dawn.
The only thing on my agenda for the next few days is sleeping, eating, sunning on the beach, and partaking in several fruity cocktails.
I need to say a special shout out to Nana, Granny and Mimi for taking care of the girls! Thank you!
I'll be thinking of all you hard workin' momma's back home! Suckers!


rebekka said...

Is it Gulf Shores?

Dejoni said...

Yes. We are in Gulf Shores...the Redneck Riviera! Ha! Just kidding. I love it here. My in-laws have a place here on the beach...so we try to sneak down here when we can get away. This is the first time we've come here without the kids. Relaxing.

Big Pissy said...

Gulf Shores is great!

We go at least once or twice a year. :)