Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marriage is a Compromise

Life is good here in the Redneck Riviera. I love Alabama.
My husband agreed to take me to these wonderful antique shops I've been dying to visit since we started coming here....and he thought while we were out, we could check out the Mossy Oak outlet store.
Since I'm a good wife, I agreed. Although, I didn't enjoy it.
How much camouflage do men need? I can understand having a couple of outfits for hunting....but geez! They even have camo lingerie. What the? If you have to put camo on your woman to sleep with her...Wouldn't a bread sack be cheaper?
Anyhoo, that's just my opinion...and it really don't mean crap.


ginger said...

Ah, the Mossy Oak store! Did you have to go to the Coleman Cooler store too? Good times! hahaha!!

Big Pissy said...

I hope you bought some of that camo lingerie.

I could come in handy.

Just sayin'...... ;-)

Dejoni said...

I was spared the Coleman store...but did go to the Tool store beside it. I was impressed...the had a whole set of tools for the ladies in a fabulous shade of pink.