Thursday, May 15, 2008

Potato Candy

Ever heard of potato candy? My mom has made this for as long as I can remember. She says her mother made it during the Great Depression. It was a cheap alternative to store bought candy.

The thought of two things like potatoes and sugar just sounds ICKY...but please don't pass judgement. You'll be passing up a wonderful confection.


1 Small potato peeled and cubed

1 jar of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy....I prefer smooth)

1 box confectioners sugar

Place potato in a cool saucepan of water. Boil until tender. Drain.

Let potato cool slightly in a medium size bowl. Start adding small amounts of powdered sugar until you make a thick rollable mixture. Roll out on wax paper.

Spread with peanut butter. Roll up mixture in a jellyroll and place in wax paper. Refrigerate.

Slice and ENJOY!

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