Sunday, June 1, 2008

Funky Chickens

My friend, Farm Chick, has started raising chickens. The first couple batches of baby chicks haven't adapted too well and she is a bit discouraged. Her husband, we'll just call him...The Rooster, isn't too excited about Farm Chick getting into poultry farming.
Since Farm Chick is my friend and I don't want her to be all down and out over the dead chicks she has lost, I thought I would brighten her day and cause the Rooster to have an aneurysm.
I called up the hatchery and asked if they had any funky chickens. The funkier the better. I told the woman I only wanted hens 'cause we had enough roosters. She didn't think I was too funny. How can you not have a sense of humor working at a chicken hatchery? Anyway, I order 30 different funky be delivered to the post office with Rooster's name on the package.
He is gonna stroke and Farm Chick and I will giggle 'til we pee our pants.
So, here's to you Farm Chick...may your poultry farm prosper!

1 comment:

Big Pissy said...

Dang! I've always wanted to take a picture of that chicken!

Kudos for capturing its essence. ;-)