Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do Marabou Heels Go With Skunk?

While prancing around the kitchen in my marabou heels, I notice something funny moving around our driveway. About this time, my husband starts yelling, "Get out here...Get out here now." I run out the back door like a scalded dog and what do I see? Pepe Le Pew. Yes, my peeps, we have skunks.
My hubby (the great hunter) decided we should catch the skunk. So off he goes...with plastic container in hand.
As of this time, we are preparing for five skunk funerals.
R.I.P Pepe Le Pew and his fragrant posse.


Big Pissy said...



...and I thought the plague of frogs at the old casa was bad....

p.s. Your children are absolutely adorable! :)

Dejoni said...

Thank you! Between the skunks and the horrendous noise of these freakin' locust (do you all have these too?) I'm about to lose my mind.

Big Pissy said...


Ummmm...NO! Thank goodness!

Have you crossed somebody lately?

Maybe they put some bad juju on you. ;-)

Dejoni said...

I must have some bad juju...I'm gonna record the noise these things horrendous. I swear it's not all in my head. I take drugs for that! :)

Big Pissy said...

*sigh*...yeah...I'm thinking you do... probably some old biddy jealous of your tiara. LOL

...and I SO hear ya on the drugs...."better living through Science"...I always say. ;-)