Monday, June 9, 2008

Why Can't My Kids Stay Clean?

Am I the only mother in America that has kids that can't stay clean? I swear, I get them all nice and clean...put on cute outfits...and before we can leave the house, they are filthy.
I have friends whose kids NEVER get dirty. They always look like they came out of the Pottery Barn catalog. Their hair is always neat and coiffed in their ponytails...their white outfits are always spotless...even in the middle of a mud sling. How do they do that? Do they threaten them with bodily harm if they get dirty? Are they just allergic to mud?
I swear my kids could get dirty in a sterile room.
By the time they are grown, I will need a 12 step program for my "Spray and Wash" habit.


Tipper said...

Very cute picture! My girls were and are the same way. They are dirt magnets. I have a video of them eating when they were about 3 and they are a total mess-then beside them is one of their best buddies-she wipes her mouth after every bite!

Big Pissy said...

My girls always stayed clean.

I'm sure it was because they were afraid of what I'd do to them if they got dirty. ;-)