Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Cooking! Good Friends!

My friend, Farm Chick, bought me this wonderful cookbook that was featured on my new friend Ginger's website ( Farm Chick was the one that got me started going to her blog and if you haven't become a regular over there...your're missing out on some good stuff.
It's so wonderful to have a friend like Farm Chick. She sends me wonderful southern cookbooks, good gossip, makes a mean cocktail, knows my kids sometimes act like brats and doesn't judge me, and is a P.I.C.
Every southern woman must have a girlfriend or two that is her know, partner in crime. The one who will not only bail you out of jail if need be...but more than likely be sittin' in the cell with you laughin' saying "Oh, that was FUN." A P.I.C. also is available to help dispose of the body of a cheating husband, abusive husband, or just smart ass husband. So far, we've not had to do that....but I know she's always there if I need her....shovel in hand.


Tipper said...

Hi just stumbled onto your blog from Deep Fried Kudzu. I have a great white hunter for a hubby. And I love to make the cobbler you posted about. I'm a southern girl too.

Dejoni said...

Glad to hear from you Tipper. Southern girls RAWK!!!!!!

ginger said...

Okay you have to tell what you make first!!