Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot Momma...the Queen of Pig Catchin'

Yes's time for the county fair. The summer redneck social event. I love the county fair. Ever since I moved to this small town as a youngster, it's always been so much fun going to the fair. Carnival rides...junk food...spending $50 throwing darts at balloons to win a Hannah Montana poster.
Our fair has it all...tractor pulls, cattle judging, mud sling, beauty contests (but who needs those when you have your own tiara?), kids day, and the ever famous pig catchin' contest.
Yes, you heard me right...a pig catchin' contest. My friend, Hot Momma, has won twice. It started out one year as a joke. We all pooled our money together betting her that she couldn't take down that pig. Little did we know after chasing three kids, the woman could take down anything. The second year, the local Cattleman's association (which sponser's the event) had a nifty little trophy made for her with a big pig on top.
That my friends is what I look forward to most of all at the local fair. Hot momma catching the pig. This year she says she's not gonna do it....but I think if the right bet comes along, she'll be game. If she prevails again this year,and I'm sure she will, I promise pictures.


Tipper said...

Now that sounds like fun! I do hope you get pictures.

ginger said...

That is hilarious! You do have to post pics of it one way or the other!