Friday, June 13, 2008

Tidy Bowl!

I have a confession. I have an aversion to cleaning the toilets. It's almost a phobia.
I just can't stand the thought of cleaning something with my hands that my shiney hiney has recently been there doing not so nice things.
I know that some people say that the toilet is cleaner than your kitchen sink. I have no problem with the kitchen big hiney hasn't been sitting on it. And besides, who did that study? And if they are the kind of person to WANT to do a study like that...would I trust their judgement? I don't think so.
What gets me even more is the thought of cleaning some public bathroom. I could do it if I had too...but I would need some serious anxiety medicine and a big Hazmat suit.
Sometimes Todd tries to talk to me about staying home full time with the kids...but then I would have to give up the cleaning lady...and clean my own toilets...I JUST CAN'T DO IT!

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