Saturday, June 7, 2008

Possum or Oposum?

I know what you're thinking... What kind of hicks are these people? I swear, until this week, I have never, ever been this close to a skunk or a possum before.
The correct term is opossum...but around here they're just possums. You know, like the Beverly Hillbillies used to eat... "Granny's vittles."
My husband's business associate had a problem with possums tearing up his garden so he decided to catch 'em with a live trap. (Don't call one was injured.)
Here's one of the culprits having a hot dog bun for a snack. He was taken to a location far away and released to go find another garden to destroy.
I will try not to have any more animal postings.


pure evyl said...

A few months back, a yankee moved down here to Texas and was so scared of a possum that he climbed up on a table and pepper sprayed it. They are ugly creatures.

Tipper said...

Possums are famous here-I just happen to live in the Possum capital of the world. And you are right Peta frowns on catching the little critters-even if you feed them well and release them back to their own.

simplypink said...

I say possum too. We actually had one sneak onto our porch last night. It was cute until I remembered it would turn into a nasty stinky full grown possum. It ran away which is probably good due to my husband's non PETA-like tendencies where possums are concerned. :)