Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ray Ray the Camper

Ray Ray has left for church camp. I have known for a couple weeks that she was going...but a part of me doubted she would go. Rachel has always been a little clingy with me. Other than going to her Dad's and staying with Nana, she stays at home with us.
She called me from her Dad's Saturday night and said she just didn't think she could go...her voice quivering and on the verge of tears. I told her no big deal. She could go if she wanted or she could stay home...her decision.
Well, today she came home and wanted to know if I had packed all her stuff. She was ready to go. Off we go to the church to meet everyone else....I'm just waiting for the tears to fall and her to cling to me and come home.
But to my surprise, the only tears that fell were mine. I cried like a baby when she got in that van...with all those other kids and left with nary a wave.
It's over now. My baby has crossed that milestone. She doesn't need me that much anymore. I thought I would be happy to see her reach this day...but a part of me is so sad. My baby is growing up.

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