Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Am....

I am from pink depression glass, Bell Bakery doughnuts and the St. Marks United Methodist cookbook.
I am from the house on four acres with motorcycle and go-kart trails.
I am from honeysuckles, praying mantis and grapevine swings.
I am from birthday cakes for Jesus on Christmas day and "Are you savvy?", from Great Granny Ella and her tin can snuff and Ann and Tootie & Chris.
I am from the short tempered and stubborn and the meek and mild.
From "Don't talk to your momma that way!" and "Do you have ants in your pants?"
I am from vacation bible school and John 3:16 and Sunday potluck dinners.
I am from John Prine's "Take Me Back To Muhlenberg County" and Peabody's coal and River Queen and Paradise.
I am from Granny's turkey and dressing and pear honey perserves and ham and cheese sandwiches served in pie tins.
I am from Vietnam draft cards, the USS Pope and foreward observers and tunnel rats, from bouffant hair and marrying young and Winnebagos.
I am from Myrtle Beach camping trips, swimming trunks with cowboy boots and waterslides.
I am from photo albums with tissue paper, folded American flags, and shadowboxes of war medals, worn bibles, homemade quilts and love.

Oh, what a walk down memory lane. I read one of these poems on a new blog I've been checking out ( What a wonderful find.
Everyone should try this. It's amazing how your mind finds those great childhood memories.


Tipper said...

Oh we are from so many of the same things! Makes me feel like I already know you. Even makes me wonder if we are about the same age too. We come from a great place!

And thank you for mentioning me!

Big Pissy said...

That was just lovely.

Thanks for sharing your memories. :)