Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I May Be Banned from Old Navy

Today we went to the big city. Farm Chick and I carpooled to Louisville to do a couple things with the kids and go shopping. While Farm Chick was busy running an errand, I took Ray-Ray and Farm Chick's daughter, Toots, to the mall.
Off to Old Navy we go 'cause I need some new shorts to fit my new big ass. While I am hurriedly scoping the place out, the girls are running around the store like a cat on crack. They are jumping and hugging and laughing...having a grand old time.
All at once, I hear them go into hysterics and hear Toots say "You broke her arm!"
I look up and see that Ray-Ray is carrying around the mannequin's arm. At first, I want to laugh...cause there stands Ray-Ray stunned...her eyes big as saucers... holding a mannequin arm. My second instinct is to run...maybe if I go to the other side of the store no one will know they are with me.
But, I decided to do the correct mommy thing and be embarrassed and seek sympathetic looks from all the other mothers. I got a few kind eyes...but most of them were "holier than thou" and acted like they had never experienced such bad behavior.
To all THOSE woman out there....I just have one thing to say...I hope you get dysentery.


ginger said...

Ohmygosh that reminds me of that Oregon Trail computer game from a hundred years ago. Do you remember it too? I used to love it when I was little and I even got my husband the t-shirt - there's a pic of it here:

Tipper said...

yes its always fun when your children destroy something thats not yours-been there! And there does always seem to be a "perfect" mom with "perfect" kids near by to look at you!