Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smarty Pants

Rico Sauve is Mr. SmartyPants. He's really smart but I don't tell him too often cause it goes to his head. He knows all kinds of useless smart stuff like how much a gallon of milk weighs and Pythagorean's theorem. He was in the gifted program at school and went to the National Problem Solving Championship in middle school. Code for riding the short bus.
All this smart stuff makes him look important at the mall when he can undo the horseshoe know, the two horseshoes joined together with a chain and a ring? Well, Mr. SmartyPants can solve it much to the delight of the little old ladies in the store. They all swoon and fuss over him and he eats it up.
My husband...he can do a little dance in his little smarty pants.

1 comment:

Tipper said...

I've got a Mr. Smartypants too-isn't the world grand!

So did you get the fountain or just the picture of David?