Monday, June 30, 2008


Sweet Ella has not slept more than 20 nights her whole life. The kid just won't sleep. She's my little insomniac.
The first 14 months of her life, she was up approximately six times a night sucking on a bottle...and the pediatrician wondered why she weighed 30 lbs? I would have given the kid a bottle of Pepsi if she'd slept.
We tried it all. Cereal in the bottle. Late night feedings. Reflux medicine. Warm milk. Noise machines. Classical music.
At 14 months, we finally caved and tried the Ferber method. It was harsh for four nights. But for the next four months, she slept like a dream. Wonderful, peaceful sleep. Our prayers had been answered.
Then it returned with a vengeance. It started at first with the whining...then crying....then in a couple of days...flat out wailing and flogging. It's horrendous. Tonight it lasted for 2 hours. Then she's up at least once during the night for juice.
I can't take this much longer. I'm old and my nerves are frazzled. Why has she started not sleeping again? What can I do to stop the tantrums?
I know I am being paid back for some bad all you haters out there, keep laughing. Just remember, what comes around, goes around.
If any of you have any suggestions besides duct tape, please let me know. I'm desperate, brain dead, and sleepy.


Tipper said...

I don't have any advice-but I'm sorry for you. Don't guess that helps.

azn8tive said...

I'm sorry but I don't have any sage advice. Hang in there - it'll pass, I hope. I'll keep you & Rico in my prayers.

Dejoni said...

Thanks...we need them.
She slept last night. It was a nice reprieve.