Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You Might be Gay If...

Ella hasn't been sleeping well lately. Every night about an hour after we turn our TV off, she wakes up. We think that the quietness of the house is waking her up...I know that sounds crazy.
So tonight Todd decides to go to Wal-mart and find one of those nature CD's of rainfall or waves crashing on the shore to play in her room. Maybe a little noise would keep her sleeping tightly.
Off he goes to the Wally World and looks for that display we've seen a hundred times. You know, the one with all the weird CD's you can sample? Rachel always goes straight to it and puts on the conga.
He looks and looks and can't find it. Finally he tracks down an employee and ask them. They tell him that they'd never had anything like that before. Discouraged, he sets off again to look over by the greeting cards on the other side of the store.
Halfway over to the card aisle he hears on the intercom, "Will the man looking for the ocean CD please return to the candle aisle."
My husband...in touch with his feminine side. HA!


Big Pissy said...

But did he get the cd?!?!? LOL

Dejoni said...

Not only did he get the ocean CD...he also got the rainstorm one. HEEHEE!

Tipper said...

I think I'll get them to say that-except add my hubby's name-next time were in wally world.