Friday, June 27, 2008

Secret Agent Man...a.k.a. Rooster

This is Secret Agent Man, Farm Chick's husband. He's the one that I ordered all thirty of those chickens for. Well, they're here...and he doesn't think I'm too funny. I think I'm hilarious.
Thirty funky chickens arrived at his house this week and the hatchery threw in five roosters for the hell of it. All the hens have big plumes on their heads. They are so funny looking.
Farm Chick is now the expert on chicken raisin' so she is keeping them for the first week for me. I'm gonna attempt to keep them alive from then on. Since I have never been around a chicken before other than in the meat department at the local grocery store and Lee's Famous Recipe, this is gonna be a learning experience. I will be sure to keep you'll informed cause it'll be very entertaining.


Brittany said...

Ok, that is about the cutest thing ever!

Tipper said...

Yes that will be entertaining. Can't wait to hear about it. I bet Secret Agent Man will also be interested.

Farmchick said...

The Secret Squirrel is going to die when he sees this!!! HA!

ginger said...

I can't wait to hear (and see more pics)! I've been wanting to get some bantam hens --- but no roosters! Lawsy those things are loud!!!