Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiara's...The Southern Woman's Anti-Depressant

Have you ever put on a tiara? You can't help but smile and do that funny little "Miss America screw in the light bulb" wave.
I have never been in a pageant nor have any desire too. Walking in a swim suit for an audience isn't my idea of fun.
However, I occasionally put on a tiara...so do my girls. We play dress up and pretend to be beauty queens. When you put a huge tacky crown on your head...you can't help but stand up straight and smile like a sorority gal during pledge week.
The next time you need a pick me up...put on a tiara and some marabou heels. Wear them around the house while cooking supper. You will feel fabulous in no time. Your husband may think you have lost your mind...especially when you start waving to the neighbors and speaking of world peace...but you will feel great and look marvelous, darling.


Big Pissy said...

OK! this seals the deal!

You, my dear, are my younger, prettier, blonder physic TWIN!!!!

I own a tiara too!

And wear it proudly, of course,

I EVEN have a special "spider" tiara that I wear on Halloween.

I know you're jealous now. ;-)

ginger said...

Ohmygosh look at those shoes!!

I wear a tiara every night when fixing supper. Don't you? My scepter sometimes comes in handy for mixing. :)

Dejoni said...

I have yet to get a scepter...my friend Farm Chick and I are on the look out for just the right one.
I also wear my sash "Miss Understood 2008."

Big Pissy said...

ahem....this probably won't surprise you, but I have a specter.

your sash rawks!!!!!!!!!

Dejoni said...

Big Pissy...you are now the official Queen of the South. Can I be a member of your royal court?
To Do List for Today:
1. Purchase Sceptor
2. Ponder the thought of trading marabous for glass heels.
3. Go to Dentist.
Life is so complicated!