Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mimi's Addictions

Mimi has two addictions. The first is her grandkids. She loves her grandkids with such a passion. She spoils them rotten and caters to their every need. My kids would gladly move in with her if I let them. I thought Ella's first word was Momma...but I think she was actually saying Mimi.
Mimi's second addiction is Wal-mart. She is the reason Sam Walton became a billionaire. If she stops going to Wal-mart, the economy will spiral out of control.
My husband decided this weekend that when it's Mimi's time to meet her maker, he's gonna sprinkle her ashes all over our local Wal-mart. She can shop for eternity!


Big Pissy said...

Dude! I cannot WAIT to have grandkids!

My oldest daughter is gonna be 30 in December....she needs to spit one out already! ;-)

Dejoni said...

You should get her birth control pills and secretly replace them with Equal tablets.
Does she not understand it is her duty...her payback for all you've done for her to spit you out a grandkid.
Tell her if she doesn't hurry up your gonna post both their pictures on your blog with the title..."My barren daughter and her gay husband."

Tipper said...

Mimi sounds like my mom. If its on sale she has to buy it-because it was on sale!!