Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't Touch David or His Parts

Every time I decide to begin a weekend project, it starts out as one thing and ends up being something totally different. I decided to change a little I called up Cole Clark from Cole's Landscaping to get some ideas on some plants. He gave me some great ideas and I bought some plants to redo the area outside my side porch.
This morning I decided to get started planting these new plants. I asked my husband to help me reshape the area cause it's a little asymmetrical and it's bugged me ever since we first landscaped it. Well, while we are reshaping it and placing the new plants where we want them, my husband thought it would be a good idea to put in one of those fountains. Great idea, I say. So, we pack up the kiddos and off to Lowe's we go.
They have fountains there...but they're not manly enough. We need a huge, manly fountain, my husband says. You know, one of those massive concrete things.
We arrive at the concrete place and are greeted by this man, I'll call him "Stoner" if you know what I mean. He had every type of concrete object you could imagine...alligators, grim reapers, urns, benches, dogs, Michelangelo's Statue of David and big roosters. Ding Dang Ya'll, you know I got excited about the big rooster and wanted to take a picture. So I asked Mr. Stoner Dude if I could take a picture of his big rooster and he said, "Yes, you sure can...I'll even let you take a picture of David as long as you promise not to touch his parts...everyone's always wanting to touch his parts."
Only in Kentucky...

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