Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gas Prices and SUV's

I have driven an SUV for several years. I love 'em. I feel safe on the road. If anyone gets in my way, I can just run over them.
I know they are horrible for the environment and my carbon footprint is huge. However,I like being able to go to Wal-mart and buy stuff knowing I can get it home. When you have a small car, you can't just go somewhere and buy a huge flat screen TV.
Now that gas is $4.15 a gallon...I've had to do some sacrificing...cause I can't afford to fill up the Rover tank every third day at $85.
We have purchased a '96 Honda Accord and I am already loving it. Filled it up for the first time for $50. I think I should get 30 to 35 MPG. Much better than the 15 I get on the Rover.
Less gas money spent means more play money for me...and I'm all about play money.
So for now and maybe forever, the Rover will be sitting still...unless I need to go somewhere for a big flat screen.

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Big Pissy said...

Good for you! I've been wondering how people afford gas for those things....although they ARE really nice. :)

I have an '07 Civic Coupe that I adore. It gets 40 mpg. Woot! LOL