Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running in Heels...

Everyone that knows me knows that I have the uncanny talent to run in heels. I am very adept at walking in stiletto's and could run a 5K in Jimmy Choo's.
I joke to my friends that if I had to homeschool my kids the only thing they would be proficient in would be running in heels and makeup application.
I've started both my girls out with heels at a very young age...starting with those plastic heels from the Dollar Store and working up to my slingbacks. It's very important to walk like a lady in even the most trashy shoe. You can be the first female president of the United States but if you trip over your heels on your way to the inaugural podium...your just gonna look like a ding dong.
So here's to all the woman who can rock a pair of heels...for those of you who can't...give me a call for lessons.

1 comment:

Big Pissy said...

Lessons, please!

I haven't worn heels for over two years now (since I quit working full time).

I spent my daughter's wedding reception barefoot...dancing the whole time. ;-)